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Why waste hours creating monsters when you can do the job better and quicker using Dingle’s Games? Spend more time creating great adventures and less time crunching numbers.

The Monster and NPCs generators are fully OGL / 3.5 compatible and also contain Pathfinder RPG feats & classes from the core Pathfinder RPG books plus Advanced Payers Guide and Ultimate Magic books.

Generate up to 5th level NPCs, and Monsters absolutely free but to really give your players a challenge upgrade to a full membership for up to 30th (20th PFRPG) level multi-class monsters and NPCs from as little as $15.

Free Membership – NPC Generator – Max 5th Level (OGL / 3.5); NPC Generator – Max 5th Level (Pathfinder); Treasure Generator (OGL / 3.5); Encounter Generator (OGL / 3.5); Encounter Generator (Pathfinder RPG).

Paid Membership – NPC Generator – Up to 30th Level & Multiclass (OGL / 3.5); NPC Generator – Up to 20th Level & Multiclass (Pathfinder); Save & Edit Unlimited NPCs / Monsters; Treasure Generator (OGL / 3.5); Encounter Generator (OGL / 3.5); Encounter Generator (Pathfinder RPG); Monster Creator enabling creation of your own monsters and templates (Both OGL / 3.5 and PFRPG).

Site News, Adventures and More

More Magic Items

I am presently adding a lot more magic items to the Pathfinder generator.  I’ve finished the Staves, Rods, Wands, and Rings,  I’m now adding in the wonderous items.

Multiple Sessions

I found that multiple sessions of dinglesgames open on different tabs were causing some data to be corrupted. Hopefully, I’ve now fixed this, if you find anything strange let me know.

Dice Roller


I’ve now added a Dice roller to the site. You will need to press CTRL and F5 to refresh the graphics.

At the top of the generator are buttons to roll Dice

FATT = Full Attack

SATT = Single Attack

RATT = Ranged Attack

SRATT Single Ranged Attack

WSAVE = Will Save

FSAVE = Fort Save

RSAVE = Reflex Save

You can also select the skills to roll a skill check.

You can add in opponents AC, miss chance, mirror images, and any misc bonus that applies e.g. flanking.

The Generator will calculate all the attacks and critical hits.

Let me know if you get any problems or any suggestions.

PHP now upgraded

The PHP is now upgraded and I’ve fixed the warning/error messages, so the woocommerce should now be working properly. If anyone gets any problems please let me know.

This does mean the free week (and a bit) is now over. If you enjoyed the membership bonuses please buy a membership. Paid membership pays for the site as Dinglesgames is Ad free.


Upgrade of PHP

I’ve upgraded PHP but now have a load of warning errors on the site. I also need to add more memory as some upgrades didn’t work (PERL).  So the site is still free to use but a bit messy until I do the fixes.

If anyone finds any errors or something that does not seem right let me know.  I’ve fixed most things but am still monitoring for errors.


1-week free trail

While the woo commerce is down and I am upgrading the site I am giving a 1 week’s free trial. There may be site downtime in this period though.

Site upgrade

I am in process of upgrading my site’s operating system, in the meantime, the shopping basket is not working. It looks as if I need to upgrade PHP to 3.7 and UNIX Debian from 9 to 10 in order to get the shopping basket back.


Price Changes

I’ve had to upgrade my prices as they hadn’t changed for 10 years but my costs have.

The new prices are

$70 for a Lifetime membership

$35 for 1 Year

$20 for 6 Months

$20 for 30 Separate Days (no time limit).

Roll20 CGEN loads

I have been using CGEN on roll20 and sometimes I get an error when importing the plain text D20SRD. I found that manually adding an extra line after the Will save in the GM notes seems to fix the problem.

I can’t seem to fix this in my output though. I anyone is using CGEN and has problems can you let me know?


Roll20 interface

I have added a new Plain Text Format “Plain Text D20SRD”. For anyone using the RollD20 CGEN script, this format can be pastable into the GM notes section on the token to create abilities.